Many people believe that petroleum is used primarily for fuel, but this is not the case. Other fossil fuels provide the source for a great deal of the planet’s heating and vehicle fuel needs, many other uses for petroleum exist. For instance, if you have ever worn polyester clothing, you were wearing a petroleum product. Shampoo, soap, hair coloring, conditioner, moisturizer, shaving cream, hand lotion, makeup and other grooming products also contain significant amounts of petroleum.

If you enjoy sports, you probably use petroleum products on a regular basis. Examples of sporting equipment that is made from petroleum include surfboards, fishing poles, parachutes, footballs, golf balls and skis.

Artificial limbs are also manufactured using petroleum products, as are balloons, aspirin, paint brushes, insecticides, ballpoint pens and roller skates. Petroleum is routinely found in a variety of products that many of us use every day. It almost seems easier to list things that contain no petroleum at all rather than the other way around.

Although many people like to blame automobiles and other vehicles for what they consider to be out-of-control consumption of the Earth’s petroleum reserves, over half of all refined oil goes to produce products such as those listed above.