In order to meet the increasing energy demands of the United States, there has been much discussion about drilling for oil off the nation’s shoreline. While there are potential benefits to off-shore drilling, there are many negative aspects as well.

One of the positives of off-shore drilling is the ability to produce more of the nation’s energy needs at home. The more energy that we can produce here makes the country less reliant on foreign energy sources. This in turn helps maintain a stable energy supply that is not subject to political disruption.

On the negative side, the potential for natural disaster is paramount. The off-shore drilling rig accident that happened just a few years ago in the Gulf of Mexico could very well happen again. That one incident brought serious consequences for the beaches and wildlife of the Gulf Coast states. Also, many of these oil rigs are unsightly detracting from the natural beauty of the coast. The information doesn’t stop now. Keep looking: Big Issues: Energy – Is It Time to Expand Offshore Drilling?