With greater demand for more easily accessed and refined sources of oil, petroleum and other fossil fuels, there is increasing economic incentive to develop and implement mining operations and industrial efforts that are able to make use of other fuel sources and natural resources. Learning more about how shale can be refined into commercial grade oil may provide you with much needed insight into what the future of industrial mining and refining operations could bring. Relaying on shale oil reserves as a fuel source could do much to reduce demand for more accessible reserves and fuel sources.

The environmental impact that is associated with using fossil fuels as a power source should not be underestimated, and with the additional ecological harm and regional impact that such operations cause, shale oil reserves may not be as readily available and beneficial a resource as many would have originally thought. Balancing economic demand, the abundance of secondary fuel sources and oil reserves as well as efforts to protect and preserve the environment and natural areas are all essential steps towards creating a more effective and sustainable energy policy. Learning more about shale and the ways it may be used can provide you with a better understanding of this important issue.